Hey LOSER, time to wake up!!!

One day my girl told me that I was always living in my own dreams. I was quite mad at her at that moment. But after a careful thought I found her right, at least to some extent.

I've been trying to imagine how my life would be basing on a lot of assumptions without making efforts to change my current situation. It's surely a dream, a dream that I set up for mentally self-abuse. I'm totally a f**king loser. Yesterday a friend of mine got an offer for summer intern from intel and it's said that becoming an intern of intel means you will get an offer as a staff after your graduation. Congratulations to him! Frankly speaking, he has a GPA even lower than mine and he has no splendid internships before. The only reason why he got this offer I can figure out is that he did everything possible to improve himself. When I was complaining about the open questions and reluctant to finish them, he just simply finished it carefully one by one. I must say I have a clear career path designed myself but the question is I never really attempt to make it come true instead of telling others how well-designed my career path is. I'm quite enjoying myself in my dreams and never thought about doing something constructive.

Last night when I was running an idea suddenly hit me, life is just like running. You will never know how many laps you can still hold. In my 10th lap last night I found I can still run much faster than I used to run and I also made the 11th lap. Perhaps It's never too late to start. I remembered my trip to Italy and a doodle impressed me a lot. Look at the three faces. It's a perfect metaphor to my current situation. Maybe it's the time to wake up. I dont't want to be a loser any longer.