• Dreamsafari

    Hi Stella, nice to see you again with my own eyes:)
    You a also a girl with a bright future, add oil:D

  • 澄 季

    Hi Mac,
    you’re never a loser
    you can finally get what you want^*^

  • Dreamsafari

    Thanks Mya:)
    Wish everyone a better tomorrow:)

  • Jingwen

    Hey man, c’mon! Don’t be so down. Nothing’s so serious in life. One time we live in dream and another time we live in reality. So what? We will recover from pains anyway. Like I was feeling like in hell yesterday but much better now. U r anything but a loser! Go, Da Tou! 🙂

  • Dreamsafari

    Thanks Jimmy:)

  • Jimmy Feng

    For one thing, everybody lives in his dreams. For another, everybody gets lucky sometimes.
    It is not what you are, but what you are suitable of. There is always a place that needs you, even if it is just a small potato in a big society.

  • Dreamsafari

    House: Symptoms never lie… It’s neurological. Do the MRI and find out the naughty boy

  • Dreamsafari

    Sabrina u r also a sweet girl:)

  • Jie Wang

    sweet girl~ sweet life~

  • Dreamsafari

    You mean longer?

  • Mu Chen

    U have a "one and only typo on the last line" syndrome. Don’t know if House can treat it…

  • Dreamsafari

    Thanks Amy, u r a friend maybe I will never forget.
    I still remember the days we took 123 together and the
    interviews we conducted. u r a girl with gr8 ambitions. u’ll make ur dream come true
    at last.
    Be super careful during ur stay in England. Looking forward to ur returning Shanghai. we shall discuss House MD then:)

  • Amy Lao

    You girl is really sweet, and you are sweet too cuz you took her advice rationally in the end. Good luck, fighting ,and you will get there!!

  • 冰凉 小脚

    Y are a guy with talent and insights. When pursue what u like be sure to keep the quality u’ve alr had.ppl are uncomparable from one to another.