I'm tired...

Yes, I'm tired. I'm really tired. I'm f**king tired!!!

I totally have no idea when this began. Suddenly I woke up one day and found myself surrounded by loads of things, searching for summer interns, applying online, writing cover letters, etc. Oh yes, needless to mention the damn presentations and cases to be finished in school. I tried hard. I told myself everything will be fine and I should just hold on. It's like cliff walking on a foggy day. One more step, I shall fall off the cliff.

I took a fancy to running nowadays. By running I can get rid of the f**king stuff. Forrest Gump is my hero now. He developed a quite easy way to forget the disturbance, at least temporarily. Usually I run up to 10 laps in the stadium and got physically tired. Such tiredness can be relieved after a bath and a sound sleep. Helpless I remain, I hope there is somewhere I can hide and relieve my mental tiredness.

Finally I got the invitation to the interview of DTT Club but I really lost my confidence. I told my girl that I heard a voice keep telling me I shall stop here. It's weird. I have no intention of doing anything but staring at the mobile phone hoping there being a call giving me an offer. Sounds like day dreaming, huh? Fine, I'm finally an MBA now. (mentally below average)

Tiered... Help me out please...