Men get their toys and women get their cloths, we're even!

Today when having dinnor with the whole team in Shangri-la, I told Ming the manager-in-charge that when I got rich I'd rather get a Harley. She then said that a lot of male friends in the states love Harley too. She said, like women go to shopping mall get their cloths, men just go and get their toys. I pretty like the idea that Harley is a toy of men. I just like the image Harley stands for. It's just like something deep in my heart has been wake up. I believe every man has a spirit of western, I call it cowboyship. It makes we love something powerful, strong and customized.

Then Jerry, Leo, David, Kamran and I went to the Red Door downstairs and we played pool. I have to admit that I'm really a poor player and thanks to Leo we managed to make 1-1 as Changchun Team against the Jiading Team. . I guess I over-drunk today since I got a cup of Long-island iced tea after two goblets of red wine and a goblet of white wine. What's more, the Long-island iced tea is really poorly made. And for some reason we didn't see those red-door-girls today. What a shame for David and Jerry. They should really check it out how it is crazy when those girls approaching male guests.

Anyway, it was really a good night and I really enjoy it. I'm leaving for Shanghai tomorrow. I really miss you guys!