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  • Sharon Su


  • Dreamsafari


  • Jimmy Feng

    I like your English 

  • lazycat w

    ying yu tai cha le…zi bei-ing… 

  • Dreamsafari

    You used the word innocent on Jerry? Oh god please tell me you are not serious…

  • Veronica

    Welcome to the English world!!
    "Cowboyship"…I like that, but I don’t think every guy has this spirit. Some people is born to be Chinese, deap in their heart.
    It’s so funny that we both had a great night and had too much drink today with thousands of miles away. This happened again, I think last time is like we watched the same movie or something.
    And BTW, red-door girls…do not try to pollute our SJTU people’s innocent mind…and i’m refering to Jerry~

  • Mu Chen


  • caecer

    welcome home