SOX 404

My name is Paul last name Sarbanes

Keep chuggin' along I've heard all your pains

I know the days are long and the nights are short

But it's really sad that people try to extort

And we couldn't let things keep goin' on

Cuz there's a lot of companies like Enron

Yea the list is long but we think it's for the best

We had to make it safe for everyone to invest

Yea well my name is Mike last name Oxley

Some think it's overkill but please don't knock me

We had to protect investors from fraud

We wanna minimize the risk for anyone could rob

I think me and Paul finally got it figured out

But I'm sure some of you will continue to doubt

We knew there was something that we had to do

And now you got the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002


Clockin' lots of hours on section 404

I go to work early and I get home late

Clockin' lots of hours on section 404

No time to waste, can't miss the due date

Clockin' lots of hours on section 404

I can pretty much kiss my vacation goodbye

Clockin' lots of hours on section 404

I wish my fiscal year ended in July

I'm the SEC so don't mess with me

I'm gonna tell you 'bout the PCAOB

They're gonna show up at your front door,

Checkin' out your section 404

So you gotta make sure that you get done

And I know for sure it's not gonna be fun

You need to buckle down, you need to get your mind straight

Cuz this is something that rella just can't wait

Yo my name's COSO and I know control

So jump on board and get ready to roll

I brought this up back in '92

But this is something that nobody wanted to do

Y'all probably know my acronym of crime

It just didn't fit and it was hard to rhyme

But these are the things that you need to know

If you think you're gonna make it in the big show


Now we haven't even talked about the Big Fat 4

Everybody knows, they're the consultin' whores

It's bad enough when they only had audit

And now with SOX, now they know they really got it

PwC, E&Y, and Deloitte

KPMG, hell they all exploit

The partners at the top make all the cash

While the ones at the bottom have to bust their ass